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Bunnik (U)

Village located east of the city of Utrecht and centre of the municipality of the same name which also encompasses Werkhoven and Odijk.




The reformed church of Bunnik until the Reformation was known as the St. Nicolaas. The church consists of a tower and a one-aisled nave, both of which date probably from the 13th century, and a choir which partly dates from 1566.


The Roman Catholic St. Barbara dates from 1939. It is one of only a very few buildings designed by architect A.J.N. Boosten that were built outside his native province of Limburg. The church is a typical example of Boosten's style.


The reformed church of Odijk is all that remains of a big Gothic church. In 1820 the church was demolished except for the choir, which was given a facade and a small belltower and was covered with a coat of white plaster. Because Odijk was a mostly catholic village this small church was big enough for the small protestant community.
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