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Maarssen (U)





The reformed church is a late-Gothic building with a short Romanesque tower which dates back to either the 12th or 13th century. The actual church dates from the early 16th century.

Location: Kerkweg 19







The Roman catholic H. Hartkerk is a big basilican church in neo-Gothic style, designed by A. Tepe. It was built in 1884-1885.

Location: Breedstraat3







The former Gereformeerde kerk was built in simple neo-Renaissance style in 1895. The architect is unknown. The building is currently used by an undertaker.

Location: Kerkweg 14







The Westhillkapel dates from 1913 and was built as a reformed children's church. It was designed bylocal architect Jan Rebel.

Location: Parkweg 46







The current Gereformeerde kerk "Open Hof" was built in moderate Expressionistic style in 1932 by architect B.W. Plooy.

Location: Kerkweg 60



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