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Zeist (U)

Zeist is a large village east of the city of Utrecht. 

In 1746 the Hernhutters or Moravian Bothers, a protestant group with its origins in Bohemia and Moravia, founded a settlement in Zeist. This church is part of their complex and was built in 1766-1768 after plans by Moritz von Schweinitz.

Location: Zusterplein 12


The reformed church is the successor of a medieval church. The current church dates from 1841-1843 and was designed by N.J. Kamperdijk. It is an important example of early neo-Gothicism. The medieval tower, which dates from the 12th century, was given a neo-Gothic look as well.

Location: 1e Dorpsstraat 1





The Roman Catholic St. Josef was designed by W. te Riele in 1915 but was built in 1922-1924. The design was inspired by early German neo-Gothicism.

Location: Rozenstraat 22


The reformed Nieuwe Kerk ('new church') is a church in Expressionist style, designed by local architects J.M. Paap and J.J. van Straalen and built in 1925-1927.

Location: Boulevard 2A





Also in Expressionist style, but in a much more moderate version, is the Gereformeerde Noorderkerk, which was designed by B.W. Plooij and built in 1931.

Location: Bergweg 92a





The Gereformeerde Oosterkerk was also designed by B.W. Plooij and built in 1935.

Location: Woudenbergseweg 44





The Nieuw-Apostolische Kerk (New Apostolic Church) dates from 1939 and was designed in a Traditionalist style by architect C.M. Bakker.

Location: Oude Arnhemseweg 208




The reformed Sionskerk was built in 1951 and is in a simple Traditionalist style typical for reformed architecture in this period. It was designed by architects G. van Pothoven and H. van Pothoven.

Location: Jacob Catslaan 73  

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